Don’t let the label label you!“ klingt nicht nur verlockend, sonder überzeugt (mich)!


Die beiden Hip Hoper JollyJay und H²O habe vor garnicht allzulanger Zeit die Plattform für gute unabhängige Musik gegründet. Neben ein paar exklusiven Raps gibt es regelmäßig ein paar interessante News über Künstler wie den Moop Mama MC oder zum Beispiel auch Rino Mandingo.


Originally “Don’t Let The Label Label You” was a line used by JollyJay & H-to-O in a song produced by Doe Diggla. It turned into their slogan and then also became their merchandise during the 39 Days road trip with Max and David.
Years later the slogan was still strong and the 2 MC’s decided to turn it into a platform on which they could promote the music of their friends and many other independent artists that they liked.With both H and Jay having an interest in film DLTLLY aims to also provide quality insights into various artists on their youtube channel. The first series they have been working on is called “At Home with _____ ” is a series of mini documentaries on individual artists in which they are visited at home, interviewed, and perform something to the camera. A episode of this will be uploaded approx. every week (amongst other videos).
These episodes will also include archive footage and photos etc to be edited together like a short TV report or documentary.

Über 7swe

DJ from Urban to Electronica and back to the Roots!
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